Download BANG YE DAM of TREASURE - '왜요 (WAYO)' COVER (Vertical Video) #BANGYEDAM #TREASURE #왜요 #WAYO Mp3

Duration: 03:38

Published: June 14, 2020

Listen: 717,591

So actually this is not my first TREASURE song cover, back in 2019 I did my cover of "Going Crazy" on @Alphiandi 's channel cuz well, I was sooo crazy in love with that song xD And now I'm veryyy veryy excited to share with you guys my cover of WAYO by Bang Ye Dam because I think this song fits me really well especially with this acoustic vibe, I hope you guys like it!

Anyway, I'm joining the contest! pls wish me luck ;)

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Thanks to my partners in collaboration
Jo Satrianie
Tyo Adhy Putra
Special Thanks to Irman Ramadhan from MRIR