Download Indo Semar Records Artists - Ramadhan Bulan Kemenangan (Official Music Video) Mp3

Duration: 04:01

Published: May 13, 2020

Listen: 153,763

Official Music Video 'Ramadhan Bulan Kemenangan' by Mahen, Bagas Ran, Ikhlas Band, Wahyu Selow, SMVLL, Tival
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Contact Person:
Ragil +62 811-1009-780

Songwriter: Muhammad Ridwan S.
Music by : Ikhlas Band
Mixed and mastered by : Tito P Soenardi
Vocal Director: Immannuel Ragil
Cameramen: M. Hafid & Raharian Aryo & Dede Hidayat & Andre Unyil
Editor: Deka Algazmi

Home label of Indonesian pop stars and legendary stars includes Farhan, Meyla Bilqis, Wahyu, Stereo June, SAE!, and many more. Also Naif, Tiket, La Luna, Plastik, Stinky, Netral.

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