Download BANG YE DAM - WAYO / English Cover by Ysabelle (#BANGYEDAM #TREASURE #왜요 #WAYO) Mp3

Duration: 04:27

Published: June 22, 2020

Listen: 691,675


I wanted to cover this song as soon as it came out. But I haven't had the time to properly work on it. I kept stressing out and redoing it. Finally decided to just sit and have fun with it. Thank you for requesting this song! Really needed that encouragement. There's so many amazing artists that have already made their covers and I'm grateful to be in this together!

As always, it is not a direct translation. I rewrote some of the words for it to flow better. I referenced the translations from the music video and google translate lol. Also! Sorry some of the words don't match. I kept messing up the words when filming hihi.

Thank you for watching!

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